Prepare Your Boat For Storage

//Prepare Your Boat For Storage

Prepare Your Boat For Storage

Owning a boat can be exciting during the active summer months but caring for it during the off-season shouldn’t be overlooked. Boats need to be properly maintained all year long. This is easy to do during the summer when you are interacting with the boat on a regular basis. Performing a pre-trip inspection is a good habit that addresses the most important issues. This includes checking fluids, filters and the body. However, when you are preparing to place your boat into Victoria Point storage for the winter, there are additional items to consider.

Preparing the boat for winter storage

Winter months can take a toll on the boat if you fail to prepare it properly for storage. There are a few things to keep in mind before moving your boat Victoria Point Storage. For example, you will need to clean all exposed areas of the boat, and this includes the trim and windscreens. Perform one last oil change before the boat goes into the Self Storage Victoria Point facility. You should also remove all water from both the inside and outside of the boat. Stationary water can cause problems when the boat is in the storage unit. It can promote the growth of mould and mildew, for example.

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Other winterising techniques may depend on the specific type of boat you own. Each engine should be maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Always read the manual carefully in order to learn the proper maintenance procedures. Drive belts should also be loosened before storing the boat in Victoria Point Storage. This will reduce the possibility of cracking when stored in a tense position. Disconnect the battery, but don’t forget to recharge it periodically during the winter months. This will enable you to enjoy a clean start when the temperature warms up. Fill the gas tank until it is full. This will prevent the problems that come with liquid condensation on the interior of your tank. Seal up the exhaust ports to prevent various types of pests from building nests in this area.

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Victoria Point Storage for boat owners

Protect your investment by preparing the boat for winter Self Storage Victoria Point. Manufacturer’s instruction manuals provide more details about how to properly care for your model. However, not everyone is mechanically inclined. If you have difficulty with any of these instructions, you can always hire a boat mechanic to perform critical tasks for you. Make sure to get a cover for the boat. This will protect the body from dust and debris that might affect boats in an outdoor storage area. If you are using an outdoor Victoria Point Storage space, you should also wax the exterior to provide additional protection from the elements. Finally, don’t forget to remove any electronic devices or cloth materials from the boat in order to avoid damaging these items. Always prepare your boat properly before using our facility for Self Storage Victoria Point.