Life can be unpredictable. From planned events to complete surprises, our daily routines can be thrown off by occurrences large and small. When change happens, Self Storage Cleveland can help you stay organised — and sane. Here are three times in your life when you can benefit from a storage locker.

Moving House

a family moving out of their old home whole carrying cardboard boxes

Whether across town or across the country, relocating can take a toll on your schedule. From cleaning and packing to arranging for the kids to attend a new school, there’s so much to do that you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Luckily, Self Storage Cleveland is available to keep your belongings safe while you transition to a new living space. Stash your seldom-used stuff in a storage unit to make easier work of cleaning and boxing up your essentials. Many self-storage facilities even sell boxes and other moving supplies. Hand trucks or dollies may also be available to help you move your things into a storage unit.

Growing Your Family

a family happily playing with their new born baby

There’s nothing more exciting than welcoming a new addition into the family. But as the time for your baby’s arrival approaches, you’ll most likely find that space is more limited than you realised. If moving into a larger house isn’t an option, you may find that you need to make room in your existing space. For most, clearing clutter is a logical starting point. Grab three bags — one for items to be tossed, another for things you’ll donate or sell, and the last for belongings you plan to keep. Any remaining items that provide value but aren’t used often are perfect candidates for Self Storage Cleveland.

Preparing for Retirement

a happy elderly couple travelling for a vacation

Whether you plan to downsize or simply use less of the space in your home, you’ll probably find a need for self-storage when retiring. Some retirees choose to live only on the lower floor of the house to avoid going up and down stairs. Others do so to save on heating and cooling costs by closing vents in unused rooms. Either way, you’ll want as few items as possible in those inconveniently located living areas. That’s where Self Storage Cleveland comes in. Keep old letters and greeting cards, off-season items, holiday decorations and other household goods out of your way but within easy reach. A conveniently located storage unit offers the perfect way to keep your living space clutter-free while safeguarding your belongings until you need them.