Boat owners enjoy using the boats, but they must decide the right places to store them. If you don’t have enough space, you might regret buying a boat. You can either store the boat outside the water or do marine storage. However, the two-options demand a given procedure to be followed to prep batteries, engines, electrical, and exteriors. The article herein compiles a list of both outdoor and indoor storage options to consider.

Keep the Boat on a Lift

A boat on a boat lift

For temporary outdoor boat storage near the water body, you can create a boat lift. Here, the boat will rest dry and can be accessed easily. Boat lifts can be instituted on the water or by the side. On the water, boat lifts can be bottom standing, suspending, or floating. The boat lift you choose depends on the condition of the dock because it can either be floating or fixed, the water depth, and the local climate.

When using these lifts, you won’t mind about a trailer because it is accessible, and can embark on a trip anytime. However, this option suits you temporarily, and the lifts can be overwhelmed by tough weather conditions. These lifts can also be affected by aquatic pests, flooding, and other elements. Ensure you store the boat above the water, especially during the winter, and you can also shrink-wrap the boat.

Dry Stacked Storage

Boats parked in a storage warehouse

This option ensures the protection of the boat in a warehouse. A facility like the one in Self Storage Cleveland can accommodate several boats that are placed and removed using forklifts. The boats are covered from the harsh weather conditions because the facility has a good roof. The Self Storage Cleveland facility offers better security features and also deals with heavy lifting when retrieving the boat.

The self-storage option ensures the boat is protected from UV damage, wind, rain, and theft because of the security measures put in place. The Self Storage Cleveland facility accommodates all the boats irrespective of their sizes. You can also save a lot on maintaining the trailers, and also compared to the marina storage. However, before you store the boat, ensure all the valuables are removed and then cover the boat properly.

Keep the Boat in a Garage

A man pushing a boat into the garage

The home garage is the right place to store the boat over the winter. It is affordable and convenient, and being on your property, ensures more security. If the garage is attached to the house, it will absorb the heat, thereby preventing boat damages by extremely low temperatures. Since no storage expenses are incurred, the money can be used to maintain the boat over the winter.

Boat accessibility and availability are assured because the garage is at home, and no charges are demanded to use it. At the garage, any repair or maintenance on the boat can be done without removing it outside. Again, boat security is enhanced, and so vandals and thieves cannot find it. Protection from natural phenomena like wind, UV damage, and the weather is also enhanced because the garage has a perfect roof. However, ensure the boat is free from rodents by cleaning the garage.