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Be sure to empty all the contents out from any drawers, wardrobes or cupboards to protect the shelving and structure of these items. This also makes them lighter and easier to move around. Clothing and other personal items should be packed away in taped up boxes to protect them from any dust mites. Ensure you remove any covers on the furniture and give it a good clean before storing to prevent attracting insects.

Dishes and Glassware

It is essential that you wrap dishes and glassware individually and fill with scrunched paper in the centre to prevent any damage. It is important to always label your boxes or cartons that are filled with these items so you know exactly what’s in each box.

Technical Devices

If you have the original boxes for these devices this is the best solution for storing them, however, if you do not keep these boxes you can visit our boxshop and purchase some bubble wrap to fill in any gaps and spaces. These boxes should then be sealed up with packaging tape and stored upright, this is particularly important for LCD tvs.


Empty, defrost and dry your fridge and freezer before you move it into your storage unit in order to prevent mould or water damage. When you are storing these items in your storage unit it is always a good idea to keep the doors slightly ajar to ensure the fridge stays fresh inside. Purchase some protective blankets and wrap smaller appliances with cling wrap and cover with a protective blanket.

Mirrors and Fragile Items

These are some of the most breakable items in your storage unit, so it is important to take great care to protect these items to ensure there is nothing broken or dangerous being stored in your unit. It is a good idea to purchase some bubble wrap and tape to wrap them up. If possible store them upright rather than flat in order to avoid any heavy items being placed on top of them.

Machinery and Mowers

When storing machinery it is a good idea to wash off any grass or dirt and wipe dry before storing in order to prevent any damage to the paint or insides of the machinery. Ensure all the fuel has been emptied from the tank as this could be a potential fire hazard. The easiest way to do this is to place a piece of cardboard under the machine and simply drain the tank.

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