Large, gorgeous Stradbroke Island is one of the premier destinations in all of Australia. People love coming here. The island has a great number of pleasures. Those who are planning a trip here will want to make the most of their time visiting it. This is a great place to enjoy lots of wonderful outdoor activities. Visitors will find spectacular sand beaches, lots of chances to surf and great places to admire wildlife. If you are thinking about taking a trip here is a list, from Redland City Storage Cleveland, on the best aspects of Stradbroke Island.

kangaroo on Stradbroke Island

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Magnificent beaches

As the second largest sand island in the entire world, Stradbroke Island has many miles of sandy beaches. Stow your beach gear in Self Storage Cleveland as you head out to one of five beaches on the island. Main Beach is perhaps the most popular of all beaches on the island. It offers thirty-two kilometres of wide sands where people can stretch out, catch a nap and then hit the waters right offshore. Another place that people love is Cylinder Beach. This is a good place for travellers with families in search of the protected cove where their children can wide into the waves without fear.

Stradbroke island Beaches

Glorious lakes

In addition to fabulous beaches, the island is home to many crystal clear lakes. Keep your items in Redland City Self Storage Cleveland as you hit the lake. You’ll find lots of places here to go out on a boat with friends and family. These are places that are safe and protected with no waves and lots of chances to admire the area’s amazing forms of wildlife. Heading out on a lake in Stradbroke Island lets you cool on a hot summer day and relax in the shade of the boat on the cooling waters.

brown lake stradbroke Island

Watching wildlife

Wildlife is abundant. You’ll want to take full advantage of it when you’re at this island. This is home to a great many species from all over the world. Thirty-four migratory birds can be spotted in many areas. Lots of other species can be spotted in other areas of the island such as offshore where a great many types of fish make the waters their home. Plant and flower lovers should also bring their guidebooks with them as they go. This will make it even easier to spot the island’s many such rare flora.

koala on stradbroke island

Naree Budjong Djara National Park

Declared a national park in 2011, this is one park you won’t want to miss. It’s easy to reach from the rest of the island and a place of quiet and sanctuary from the busy world around us. There’s a ferry that will bring directly here from the mainland. Once here, you’ll want to hit the trails, use Redland City Self Storage Cleveland and see the vast array of terrain waiting for you once you’re here. Have a picnic and sit on the rocks as you watch the sunset go down and the sky alight with incredible colour.