Best Places for Solo International Travel

//Best Places for Solo International Travel

Best Places for Solo International Travel

Ready to get on the road? Traveling on your own doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, solo travel can be the best way to set your travel schedule so you can see what you want to see, rest up during your vacation, and check out the local cuisine on your terms. Wherever you travel, you can rest assured your belonging will be kept safe and secure at Self Storage Cleveland.

The Beach

Traditional spots like Cabo San Lucas give solo travelers the chance to stay in luxury hotels along the shore. Another option for those who love the beach is a trip to Cambodia. The Triangle Tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos offers solo travelers the option to relax in a luxurious, tropical spot. No matter where you go, your belongings will be safe at Self Storage Cleveland.

Sihanoukville beach, Cambodia

Get Cool

If you’re not a fan of warm weather, sand or sun, consider a trip to Norway. The city of Oslo offers a variety of museums and easy transport on foot or rented bicycle. Finally, check out the Northern lights in the city of Tromso.

Oslo, Norway

City Immersion

Tokyo is an amazing city loaded with amazing sights and a dense concentration of people while offering a great deal of safety. Your time in Japan will offer a wide variety of experiences and the chance to be totally alone while jam-packed into a world-class urban experience.

Make A Difference

Why not take your solo travel time and make a difference in the world? For example, a volunteer trip to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, will give you the chance to help out on a game preserve, see the conservation efforts used to protect lions, rhinos, and elephants. You may wind up patrolling fences or building waterholes or fighting poachers. If you prefer a longer African tour, park your boat at Self Storage Cleveland and pack your camera for a shooting safari!

Travel on a Budget

For a budget-friendly trip, try Lodz, Poland. This city is the third largest in Poland and is on the rise as a travel destination, offering visitors a planetarium and thriving arts community. Travel to Eastern Europe is a bargain, so why not pack up your belongings in Self Storage and get on the road for an extended trip?


Solo travel can be daunting, especially if you don’t speak the language. Rather than letting that fear derail your travel plans, consider a solo tour that will bring you close (but not too close) to fellow travel fans. You can break away on your own if you like or make connections within the group for meals and sight-seeing. Your trip, your rules.