Summer Home Design Tips

//Summer Home Design Tips

Summer Home Design Tips

Summer is the ideal time for home renovation projects. You not only benefit from great weather, but also you have more hours to get the work done. There are various renovation projects that you could undertake to not only improve the overall quality of your living space but also significantly increase your property value. The following are some summer renovation ideas from Self Storage Cleveland that you should look into if you are planning to upgrade your home.

Spruce Up the Outdoors

Because summer is synonymous with outdoors, you should do everything you can to make that area as fun and comfortable as possible. Consider the following:

Work on Your Landscape

Landscaping is one of the more popular outdoor renovation projects as it takes only a couple of days to add instant curb appeal to your property. The benefits of visual appeal are numerous. A beautified lawn wins you instant respect and admiration from your visitors while also enticing potential buyers to your property. Moreover, it adds to your property value thus giving you a better return on your investment.

Nevertheless, when looking to improve your landscape, it is important to consider whether you should do it yourself or call a professional. This will depend on the type of work involved.

If you already have a well-established garden consisting of trees, grass, and flower beds, you can do most of the things such as weeding, laying mulch, and pruning yourself. However, you need experience performing these basic landscaping tasks to get the best results. For more complex jobs such as yard seeding, tree planting, and designing, calling a professional is the only way to ensure that the job is properly done.

Build a Deck

If your house does not have an outdoor deck, you are missing out on a great entertainment spot. It is an excellent space you could use to grill food and entertain your family and friends. Moreover, a deck will add significant value to your house if you decide to sell your home in the future.

While a basic ground-level deck can be built without a lot of difficulties using proper equipment and knowledge, raised decks are much harder to construct and require the expertise of an individual who is skilled and experienced.


Painting is one of the best renovation projects as it dramatically enhances the home’s appearance, adds value to your property, and is cost-effective. Moreover, it is one of those projects that you can do yourself if you have enough time on your hands. If you are doing this yourself, be sure to either cover your furniture or store it in Self Storage Cleveland while you paint to protect then from paint damage.

Do not limit the paint job to just the home’s exterior, redo the interior’s painting as well. It is best to enlist the services of an interior décor designer or artist so you can get a professional opinion on what would work best for your home.

Pool Installation

Pool installations are among the most intensive home improvements that you could undertake. However, you and your family are going to wish you had it sooner due to the fun it adds to your home. Summer is the best time to take on this kind of project as the dirt is usually much easier to dig through when it is warm. Moreover, most contractors and Plumbing services are more enthusiastic to work during summer as the conditions make their work easier, thus making it, even more, cost-effective for you.

Roof Repair

Roof repair is best done when there are nice temperatures with a low chance of rain. As such, summer presents the best opportunity for doing roof repairs and upgrades. Basic repairs such as fixing loosed shingles and other simple patches are relatively easy to do. Nonetheless, you still need a professional to look at it so they can uncover all the trouble areas.

Sometimes, you might need to do a full roof replacement. This gives you the opportunity to look into other roofing styles and ideas.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades usually showcase the best return on investment when you decide to sell. When upgrading your kitchen, consider investing in energy-efficient appliances so that you can cut down on your energy bills. Also, get some ceiling tiles that will add some colour to your kitchen while modernising the house. You could also consider replacing the backsplash to give your kitchen a new look.

When it comes to your bathroom, consider adding single accent tiles to the floors and walls to dramatically enhance the appearance of the bathroom. Adding a glass shower door is another renovation that will make your bathroom look exciting, modern, and luxurious.

If you are up for it, look into installing some entertainment into your bathroom. Water resistant entertainment systems are available that allow you to watch your favourite movie or listen to your favourite music while in the bathroom.

Upgrade those Windows

Window upgrades are among the surest summer home renovation projects that promise a return on investment. In fact, homeowners typically receive a 100% ROI with window upgrades.

A good idea to consider when performing window upgrades is installing dual-pane windows. These windows not only add significant value to your house but also have properties that reduce problems with street noise as well as dealing with inefficient air conditioning and heating. As such, they work to reduce your energy costs while improving the appearance of your home.

Reinvent Your Rooms

A lot of homes have a room or two that they do not know what they should do with. As such, they are often relegated as storage or guest rooms. While having an extra bedroom does not hurt, you could also consider moving some of the rooms contents into Self Storage Cleveland and converting that room to your benefit. For instance, unused attic space could be converted into a kids’ playroom while that unused bedroom could be converted into a home office or a man/woman cave.

Use Self Storage Cleveland

Summer home renovations often require you to move your belongings, especially when performing major projects such as painting and remodelling. Instead of cramping your items together in a small room where they risk getting damaged, consider using Self Storage Cleveland to take care of your property as you perform your renovations. Self Storage Cleveland ensures that you have peace of mind knowing that you can take your time remodelling your home to realise your desired results.