Best Day Trips Near Cleveland

//Best Day Trips Near Cleveland

Best Day Trips Near Cleveland

Cleveland is located on the magical western shores of Moreton Bay. The city is situated 25 kilometres southeast of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland. The city’s surrounding area has a tone of destinations for a fun day trip. Day trips are an exciting way to bring fun into your life. They have quickly gained popularity around the world. Unlike long vacations, the day trip only takes up a day allowing you to go back to other activities the next day. The best part of day trips is that you promote local businesses and tourism. Cleveland is a prime location for a fun-filled day trip to an exotic location, which is in plenty of supply. Here are our favourite nearby day trips from Self Storage Cleveland.


Glasshouse Mountains

The Glasshouse Mountains are on the southern side of the city. They offer a beautiful location to hike. The park has over 12 peaks to choose from. Some have long winding paths for an easy hike while others require steep mountain climbing gear. Self Storage Cleveland offers the best storage facilities for explores to store their equipment after a fun day in the hills.

Glass House Mountains

Lamington National Park

The Gold Coat features the beautiful Lamington Park. The park is accessible from two different directions for ease of maintaining the right cause. The park features a wide range of walks suitable for the whole family. The rain forest makes the walk a pristine experience. Visitors have highly rated the Green Mountain section. The park also has the Elabana Falls for the water lovers and stunning glow worm caves for the adventurous souls. Families can indulge in picnics, and there is plenty of parking space. Once the fun is over, the visitors can use Self Storage Cleveland to store their articles until the next fun-filled picnic in Lamington Park.

glow worm caves at Springbrook

North Stradbroke Island

For those who enjoy spending time at the beach, North Stradbroke is just the place for you. Only 25 minutes from Cleveland across Moreton Bay is this sunny paradise. The island paradise is locally referred to as Straddie. The island has some cafes, which makes things easier for visitors. Visitors can surf the waves under the sun. The island also features the gorge walk, viewpoints, and miles of gorgeous beaches. Dolphins are a common sight on the island. So swimming with the dolphins is possible. During winter, visitors are treated to a rare view of whales breaching the surface. The majestic creatures are usually on their annual migration.

North Stradbroke Island Beaches

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Australia’s wildlife is a remarkable sight. A million years of evolution have resulted in some of the most exotic wildlife in the world. It is a good idea to spare a few hours to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and meet some of these fantastic animals.

Currumbin WildLife Sanctuary

Theme parks

Theme parks such as Sea World are heavily involved in marine rescues. Some of the sea wildlife is not realized back into the world for their safety. The park offers swimming activities in pools with the dolphins. The animals are taught tricks to perfume for the audience. The park also has areas that visitors can ski and have fun in the water. For visitors who have their gear, Self Storage Cleveland is the best place to store your equipment after a fun-filled day in the water.

Finally, the country has annual events that are definitely worth the travel. The Swell Festival is one such festival that highlights the rich Australian culture. The participants often design huge floats that are decorated and highlighted on parade. The floats do not have to be disposed of after use; they can be put away safely in Self Storage Cleveland until the next show comes around. For more information on what’s on in Cleveland, visit the Redland City Council website and browse their events.