Give Your Home a Coastal Makeover

//Give Your Home a Coastal Makeover

Give Your Home a Coastal Makeover

The coast is a place of many wonderful pleasures. People hit the coast when they want to spend time in the sunshine. They love spending time on a boat, admiring local wildlife and having a picnic along the cliffs by the bay. If you are someone who loves to spend lots of time by the coast, you’ll want to find ways to bring that look to your home. Today, it’s easier than you’ve ever dreamed to take your things from Self Storage Cleveland and create a home that reminds you of all your happy times. It’s all about taking what you love about the coast and using that in your own home. Think about what you most appreciate when you’re feeling the wonder of the sand and sky and you’ll have the home design you’ve always wanted.

coastal themed interior design

Paint it White

White is an ideal colour for any coastal look. White opens up all spaces and makes them feel much lighter and airier. You can take advantage of this effect in your own home when you take your white paint out of Self Storage Cleveland. Look for shades with just a hint of another colour rather than straight white. For example, the use of a bit of blue in that white will soften the look and still keep it clean at the same time. White can be used in many spaces. Begin with the floorboards. Add a coat of white to all the floors. Then you can paint all the rooms in your home the same calming colour for a unified coastal feel.

coastal themed bedroom

Bring on Glass

Glass is also important when aiming for that coastal look in your home. Glass helps keep everything in the home lighter. A glass-topped table in the dining room, for example, helps keep that dining room full of light. Other uses of glass are equally important. Take your glass lamps from Self Storage Cleveland. They can be used as decorative elements in every room. Make use of outdoor lighting as well. Bring in lanterns with glass shades to add personality and remind you of evenings along your favourite sands.

glass table in beach house | Self Storage Cleveland

The Outdoors Inside

One of the hallmarks of the shore is the use of materials that are designed to hold up to both indoor and outdoor use. You’ll often see lots of wicker furniture shown at many a coastal rental today. Wicker is a good choice for your seating inside and that fabulous coastal look. It’s durable and elegant. It can also be painted in any colour you want. Look for wicker that fits in with your personal style. A wicker settee can be used to great effect in an area intended for afternoon naps like your basement or attic. Pair the wicker with details that bring it to life. A series of thick cushions allow for comfortable seating that also recalls the coast at the same time. Wicker can go in any room in your home from the dining room to your living room.

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