There are so many different ways that you can decorate your home for the Christmas holiday. Decorating items are available at retail stores everywhere. Odd as it may seem, it is always a good idea to buy holiday decorations right after the holiday is over. Buying off-season holiday items is smart because most retailers mark down sale items up to 90% off to make room in their inventory for the next holiday season. With so many decoration items available, investing in Self Storage Cleveland is a fantastic way to stay organised and keep your items clean until it’s time to celebrate the season again.

To organise, separate style ideas into different boxes. Items that are available at Self Storage Cleveland might be stored in boxes or storage containers and stacked on shelves. The following three ideas are just a few ways that you can make your home look fresh and unique during Christmas season:

Use Garland


A woman decorating her door with a garland

Christmas garland is a great decoration item that you can use to add holiday sprit to your home environment. You might wrap green garland around the stair banister. Add a green garland with holiday accents to a string of white or multi color lights for a beautiful sparkle.

When finished with this look, simply fold the garland into a storage container and it will stay free from tangles or dust until next season. It might be a good idea to label the containers so as to keep things nice and organised. Remember to stack like items with like items in storage so that you can get what you need in no time.

Light Candles


Two lit candles in a glass containers surrounded by Christmas nicknacks

A great way to add festive energy to your home is to utilise holiday candles. After the Christmas sales are over, retailers often mark holiday candles down one or two more times. When you collect Christmas candles from the clearance sales, put them in a separate container at Self Storage Cleveland.

Next season, you can take them out of storage and light the wonderful and warm scents in your home. Candles work best on a table or on a fireplace mantle. This holiday item will transform your rooms into a wonderful scented experience!

Decorate Pinecones


Two girls decorating pinecones on a table

A great way to add unique flair to your holiday table is to use pinecones. Often, you can find pinecones on the ground outside during the Christmas season. You might also find them at your local craft store.

An easy way to use pinecones as decoration is to paint glue at the tip of each pine cone petal. Dip the wet pinecone into glitter and let the excess fall off. Soon, you’ll have a pile of glitter pinecones to stack into a pretty bowl or vase for your coffee table.

To store these items, place in zip lock bags and set them gently in a storage container. You might add different colour glitter each season to curate your very own special decorations, no matter what style or color palette you choose!