Many people dream of owning their own business and being able to work from home on their own time. What often happens is that they likely don’t have the money to take on a new business venture that can be operated remotely from home. Although, it is possible to have an easy home based business without having to invest a lot of money!

Another obstacle (sometimes, literally), holding people back is not having a space suitable for a home office. This is a necessity because having a space that is quiet and free from distractions is important for many jobs. However, if this is holding you back, then you might want to consider clearing out your garage or basement to make it into a home office. Self storage is an option for you if you need to have somewhere else to keep your stuff. You should easily be able to find a storage facility in your area that you can rent a room for a low monthly cost. In fact if you are in the Cleveland, Self Storage Cleveland is always there for your storage needs.

After taking your old clothes and furniture to Self Storage Cleveland, then you can finally start setting up your home office. Here, you’ll find jobs that can easily be done from your home, that are inexpensive, and do not require any special skills!


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Blogging is an awesome way to earn passive income without spending a lot of money upfront. Usually, all you have to pay for is your hosting fees, which are only a few dollars a month. Also you don’t have to be a best selling author to start a blog! All you really need to have is passion and some knowledge of a specific area of interest, also called a niche. It does require effort, but the work itself is very easy. After clearing out your things and taking them to Self Storage Cleveland, you’ll have plenty of space to take up a new hobby and find something you love to blog about to others.

Freelance Writing

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Speaking of writing, if you have a knack for it and have some extra time, you can definitely earn some side cash with freelance writing. There are plenty of people out there, looking for people just like you to write short articles for them.

Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assisting is another at home profession on the rise, in addition to written services, there are many businesses and people looking for other simple online services. These services can include managing social media accounts answering email enquiries, and customer service needs.

Online Teaching

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If you like to help others and have spare time, you can always find work online teaching. There are many options available for people looking for tutors and English teachers, to help children in other countries.