2018 Garden Trends

//2018 Garden Trends

2018 Garden Trends

With the weather nice and warm this time of year it is the perfect time to give your outdoor areas a makeover and make them ready for outdoor entertaining, or even just for enjoying when relaxing on your lawn or patio. For some inspiration, follow these tips from Self Storage Cleveland. 

Collections of containers

This 2018 garden trend was especially popular with people who live in apartments or have a limited amount of gardening space in the backyard. One container may be a blue ceramic cylinder with blue pansies in it. A second container may be a traditional terra cotta pot with yellow petunias in it. Wooden crates, colourful solar illuminated pots and metal pots are just a few of the types of containers popular in 2018. Having a collection of varied containers adds character to a small or large garden. Another, more creative way of doing this would be to create your own pots from clay. Self Storage Cleveland have a large variety of units on offer so you could use it as a studio room or even as a place to store your pots if you plan on selling them.

terra cotta pot

Natural fences

Instead of seeing white painted picket fences around gardens in 2018, you may have noticed a larger number of natural fences. This type of fence could be made of aged, unpainted wood or constructed out of sticks woven together to make a solid wall. The idea of having a fence that flows along with the natural atmosphere of the garden was very appealing to homeowners in 2018. The only drawback of these types of fences is security, however, if you’re worried about the security of some of your outdoor belongings during periods of time where you may be away, Self Storage Cleveland is safe and secure.

Green Hedge

Ground cover borders

Instead of having grass between the walkways in a garden, many people planted ground cover between them in 2018. Planting Blue Star Creeper or Sweet Woodruff between walkways is a way to dress up the in-between areas. The popularity of this garden trend is partially due to the fact that planting ground cover helps homeowners avoid mowing the grass in the garden!

planted ground cover

Mosaic walkways

Mosaic walkways were seen in many gardens in 2018. Mosaics can be as simple as an arrangement of rocks of different sizes and shapes. Or, they could be rounded stones painted in different colours arranged in circular designs. Many garden enthusiasts appreciate the colours this type of walkway add to the scene.

mosaic walkway

Areas with a colour theme

This year, a lot of gardens displayed colour themes. Maybe one flower bed in the garden has a purple theme featuring purple cone-flowers, petunias, pansies and more. Another flower bed features white flowers in the form of white hydrangeas, cup flowers, daffodils and lily-of-the-valley. This type of colour-centred design gives a balanced, harmonious appearance to a garden. For more home making or storage tips from Self Storage Cleveland, view here.