Every parent wants to give their children a clean, quiet, and comfortable space where they can sleep and unwind. You can create such an environment by decluttering the kid’s bedroom. Decluttering creates more open spaces and makes it easier to maintain the room. Use the following tips to organise your kid’s room and teach them to keep their area tidy.

A mother asking her child o help de-clutter the room

Sort Out Used and Unused Items

When you enter a child’s room, you are most likely to find toys all over the floor, disorganised books, unworn clothes, and litter. Children’s needs, tastes, and preferences change as they grow, and they can thus quickly accumulate unwanted items in their room. Start by sorting out what shouldn’t be in the room and what the child needs. Pick any broken toys, put them in a separate bag, and you can later take them to your local recycling facility to dispose of them. If there are some toys or items that your kid no longer uses, move them to Self Storage Cleveland for potential future use.

Creates Zones Within the Bedroom

The best way to declutter a child’s room is by organising their items into categories. Designate sleeping, reading, toys, crafts, and schoolwork zones within the bedroom. Put the bed on one side close to the dressing area. Place a table and desk with pencils, erasers, and writing pads in the study area. Provide a basket near the desk to store art supplies. Set aside a different zone for toys, games, and puzzles. Organise similar toys in one bin and label them. This way, the kid will know where to get a specific item without littering the whole room. Even for the smaller kids, you can use colour codes to help them organise their things. For instance, you can use red boxes to store toys, green bins for art materials and blue for dolls.

Urge Your Kids to Donate Items they Don’t Need

It would help if you involved your kids in the decluttering process. Let them go around the room and show you some of the most important things to them. Empty the drawers and closet together and try fitting different clothes. If your kid has outgrown some clothes, request them to donate such items to charity. If they have more toys than they need, encourage them to spare some and take them to Self Storage Cleveland for safekeeping.

Clothes in a box for donation

Use Wall Space for Books Storage

You can save the floor space by installing book edges in your kid’s bedroom. Remember also to divide the books into two pipes. If your child doesn’t like some books, consider moving them to Self Storage Cleveland facility. For those you must keep, organise them with the covers facing out so that the kid can easily pick the book they need without pulling out all of them. Set a limit of the required books for each kid, and stick to it to avoid buying too many copies.