Bring a Touch of Nature into your Home

//Bring a Touch of Nature into your Home

Bring a Touch of Nature into your Home

You may want to utilize a service such as Self Storage Cleveland to renovate your home, as often the only way to have enough room to work is to store away your furniture or goods at a place like Self Storage Cleveland, but as autumn approaches, why not consider renovating your living room or your bedroom with a touch of nature.

indoor plants

 Indoor Fountains


One of the best ways to renovate your home with a touch of nature is to add an indoor fountain. The gentle sound of water caressing your ears in either your bedroom or your living room can be incredibly soothing and help you relieve the stress from work or from the kids after they go to sleep.

Of course, you can simply buy an indoor fountain. A small one for your bedroom will run around $40 or so, while a larger one for your living room will run up to $200 or more. But why not build your own fountain? We suggest a small concrete form fountain.

a small fountain with flowing water and a green lit candle on a table

Essentially, what you need is a medium-sized rubber ball from a kid’s store, some quick-drying cement, some styrofoam, some ordinary cement, and a pump. You begin by cutting styrofoam to form a base and a pyramid structure about the width of your hand. Duct tape the base together, as well as the pyramid structure. Once you have everything together, mix regular concrete to form both your base and your pyramid structure. The reason for using styrofoam as that concrete does not stick to it.

Once the base is formed, then add the pump to the base, and surround it with small rocks. The run the hose from the pump into the interior of the pyramid structure.

indoor water feature

Next, take the small ball, and cover it with quick-drying cement, which you will eventually puncture. Then use a toilet flange to attach the ball and base together in such a way that the water flows to the top of the ball and then trickles down.

The best thing about a fountain like this is you can decorate it any way you want. Uses flowers or ferns of course, but consider adding family photos, protected by polyurethane to decorate.

 Wood Wallpaper

Another idea, and here you’ll definitely need to store your furniture at a place like Self Storage Cleveland, is to add wood themed wallpaper or alternatively wood and ferns.

Your living room or bedroom can be transformed into an oasis of solitude in less than two days with a little thought and planning.

Add large plants, framed photos of jungle animals and use your new fountain as a centerpiece. What could be simpler?

a small table in an empty living room