If you’re like most people, you can never have too much space. Living in an apartment comes with its own share of challenges. One of the biggest issues with living in a small space is storage. For those in the know, each and every precious square foot of space needs to be as practical and functional as possible. Check out some tips from Self Storage Cleveland to make your apartment more spacious.

Invest in Collapsible Furniture

a young couple lifting a collapsible chair

Since apartments don’t easily accommodate large, stationery items, because of this, items like chairs, tables, and room dividers can easily make your home more cluttered. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to invest in collapsible furniture, this way when possessions aren’t being used, they can be folded and stored discretely. Just a few examples of collapsible items to keep in mind are pull-down beds, footstools, hampers, foldaway tables and chairs. If your apartment doesn’t allow for collapsible furniture to be installed, then consider Self Storage in Cleveland as the next best option.

Hidden Storage Opportunities

hidden storage under the kitchen countertop

Your cabinets and closets are a goldmine of underutilized space. A spice rack can be added to the inside of cabinets and behind the door shoe holders or a fabric laundry hamper can be added to the inside of your closets to double their storage capacity.

Hideaway Storage

hideaway storage under the stairs

Two rooms with the most potential to free up clutter are the bedrooms and the living room. You can store remote controls and other miscellaneous items inside of a storage ottoman to free up clutter. Next, we can rethink hidden storage in the bedroom. Some options include a headboard with pullout storage, a bed frame with drawers or simply just hiding items under the bed out of sight. Think of Self Storage in Cleveland as an affordable solution if purchasing a hideaway storage bed isn’t an option.

Hang Stuff on the Walls

a woman hanging picture frames on her wall

Once you’ve purged all the unnecessary items taking up valuable floor space, now is your chance to maximize an often forgotten storage option – THE WALLS! Take advantage of wall shelves. They’re a universal space-saving device that turns wall space into storage space. Aside from using wall shelves, everything from pots & pans, to televisions to bicycles can be mounted to the wall to free up space and it can make any boring wall look more aesthetically pleasing.

Consider Self Storage

a young couple lifting boxes and moving it out of their house

After going through this list, you’re going to be left with items that are bulky and infrequently used like holiday decorations, travel gear and other items of sentimental value that you don’t want to part with. At this stage, your best solution is to use self-storage. Storage units can free up valuable and practical space in your apartment while keeping your prized possessions secure and easy access whenever needed without the sacrifice of throwing them away. Self Storage in Cleveland is the perfect solution to free up clutter without losing your possessions.